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|DoC| Exploration by TechnoSchnauzer |DoC| Exploration :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 3 3 Salem |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer Salem |DoC| :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 6 2 [DoC | BWP] April Showers Bring May Flowers by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC | BWP] April Showers Bring May Flowers :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 4 2 Mitego |Kijabi| by TechnoSchnauzer Mitego |Kijabi| :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 5 7 [DoC|GPE/Phase 3] Things that Go Bump in the Night by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC|GPE/Phase 3] Things that Go Bump in the Night :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 8 7 [DoC | GPE/War Paint] Why can't there be Peace by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC | GPE/War Paint] Why can't there be Peace :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 8 1 [DoC | GPE/War Paint] I'm Sorry by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC | GPE/War Paint] I'm Sorry :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 7 5
[DoC | Group RP/Prt3] Exit Scene
Lover boy?! A blank look crossed Cardigan's face as she stood among the crowd, completely and utterly dumbfounded. She recalled the way Roman had approached her and asked her to accompany on her a walk; she remembered how he'd offered to teach her a bit about bird hunting, and how pleasant he'd been in her company. And then it hit her: he was probably trying to woo her.
"I, uh, I can't leave at this moment, Roman," the Executive stuttered. "I need to make sure everything is alright here. Though I know you'd make a fantastic guard; I trust you wouldn't let anything happen." She wouldn't allow anyone to be insulted in her presence, despite the fact that she really couldn't leave right now.
Turning back to Megan, Cardigan quickly answered her question, trying to cover everyone in a matter of seconds. There was just so much going on right now! "I've been well, Megan; thank you again for helping me
:icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 3 7
[DoC | Group RP/Prt2] Quest for Cardigan
She gave a pleased look as they all seemed to be doing quite well, with the exception of Verse it seemed. Turning her attention back to Verse, she eyed the leash that attached her to the pole, concern finding it's place again. She gave a subtle hmm as they explained their situation. She considers Shiloh's idea for a second, then speaks up with one of her, "We could also just untie it for her. After all, if her actual owner is ok with her free roaming, I don't see the harm.." With the approach of a new dog, her attention is once again shifted as she spots another spaniel approach. She is immediately fixated on him, eager to see another like her, and even from the farm faction it seemed. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Roman! I'm Tasi! I'm sorry, but I've never met a Cardigan before. Maybe we could help though?"
Verse looked up at Roman. "Cardigan? I know her! But uh.... not sure where she i
:icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 4 0
[DoC | Group RP/Prt1] Enter Scene
Verse sighed as she waited outside a shop in town. She was tied to a pole as Val had taken her not Taylor. She was ready to rip Val's hair out, the women couldn't do anything right. Now if a stray came along she was going to get turned into a Happy Meal.
Shiloh wandered the streets, Man was in a shop getting more animal supplies for the critters at the farm and Shiloh is often wandering around and the dobiehusky mix trots along the street casually.
The day was bright with the promise of staying dry however Merlins mood had been... Dramatic so far. He had woken up and he just knew something was up. There were beasts screaming at a speed and volume that he could not possibly try to recreate and he felt dirty. He heaved a shuddering breath, slapped on a smile and went on with his day.
The streets had a new feel to them without th
:icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 3 0
[DoC | GPE] Its Dangerous to go Alone by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC | GPE] Its Dangerous to go Alone :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 7 3
[DoC | RP] Parsley and Verse
Verse was pulling at the edge of her leash dragging Taylor down the road. This had been her first walk since the snow had been cleared from the streets and she was ready to perform. Once arriving at a crowded corner she sat and waited for Taylor to unhook her. Once released from her leash Verse yipped and a few children turned to her, one recognized her and pulled his mother over to watch her. She did her starting routine of simple tricks till a large crowd had gathered.
Walking down on the cemented ground, the sheepdog known as Parsley was getting use to the locations. She traveled around the domestics, the farmsteads, and the junkyard. Her owner is raising money for the cafe and she had to recognize the places for the delivery. Crossing the street, she stopped at the crowd that was at the corner. Walking towards them, she squeezed her stomach through the people before she sees the dog performing tricks. The
:icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 2 0
[DoC | RP] Better not Bitter
Caesar did not often leave the farm, so the street on which he stood was quite unfamiliar. Even the smoothness of the concrete felt a little odd under his paws, he was so used to the rugged earth of the fields. Patiently he waited for his owner, leashed to a streetlight outside the grocery store. How on earth was this supposed to good for him? His owner had sternly told him that getting away from the farm could only do him good. The logic behind this seemed nonexistent to Caesar.
Verse was tugging Val along the road. Taylor had told her to take Verse to the store with her, and it was obvious neither was happy to be with the other.
Once at the door Verse stopped to have her leash taken off. She'd planned to go off to the corner by the ice cream shop and perform for the children.
When Val tied her to the same pole as Ceaser, she flipped around and grabbed the bottom of her pants to stop her from leaving. "This i
:icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 3 0
[DoC | BWP] So Many Clovers, so Little Luck.
Zeus smiled finally able to relax. After many cuts and scraps p̶o̶s̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶f̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ from the discarded trash in the junkyard, not even mentioning the loss of his tail from his arrival, he was happy to find a patch of clover to lay in.
Clover wasn't going to hurt him and, if he was lucky enough, he might find a four-leaf clover.
He didn't look too hard. He was supposed to be relaxing after all, but still, he knew a trick; Look at the stem, not the leaves themselves.
After a few minutes of absentminded searching, Zeus found... nothing. He had told himself to not get too invested in the idea of finding one. But I mean come on? He couldn't get one break from what seemed to be a life of bad luck.
Zeus furrowed his brow standing up. He was going to find a lucky clover even if it took all day! He skimmed the patch several times before sighed and hunkering down to closely exam
:icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 1 1
Lunch Time! by TechnoSchnauzer Lunch Time! :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 8 2 [ELE] 1A - Ooooh by TechnoSchnauzer [ELE] 1A - Ooooh :icontechnoschnauzer:TechnoSchnauzer 7 2
Go ahead and check out all my stupid crap :,)


[ELE] 3A - Chase scene: part 2 by PawnFawn [ELE] 3A - Chase scene: part 2 :iconpawnfawn:PawnFawn 10 0 Winter by taziwolf Winter :icontaziwolf:taziwolf 10 3 The Reaction by taziwolf The Reaction :icontaziwolf:taziwolf 15 5 The Egg by taziwolf The Egg :icontaziwolf:taziwolf 25 5 Go long! by zarla Go long! :iconzarla:zarla 2,908 436 Can you imagine? Doc Bi-Weekly Prompt by ssivo Can you imagine? Doc Bi-Weekly Prompt :iconssivo:ssivo 16 6 Flower Crowns by Pawsome298 Flower Crowns :iconpawsome298:Pawsome298 5 2 Walk the Walk by taziwolf Walk the Walk :icontaziwolf:taziwolf 28 10 The heart does not want by TaskmasterTChalla The heart does not want :icontaskmastertchalla:TaskmasterTChalla 16 18
DoC | Taro and Verse

Finally, Taro's tail wagged joyously, elongating his body into a deep stretch. While he never was the best at agility competitions, admittedly, he was more than ready to get into another competition, especially after that days-long car ride from a few days ago. It was going to be a short while before he was up to run, of course - he could still see people setting up the obstacles beside where the competitors were being held. Cassidy stood before him, making him sit at attention; while he wasn't displaying his excitement proudly, his owner was all too familiar with his displays of emotion, coaxing him to settle. He couldn't wait for his chance to run, and snatch up another blue ribbon.

Verse, on the other hand, was doin' laps around Taylor's legs. No matter how much Taylor taught the Dachshund mix, he never had the intention to have her be a calm dog. This whole 'agility show' thing was new, while Verse performed qui
:iconchewtora:Chewtora 1 1
King of Ze Appul by taziwolf King of Ze Appul :icontaziwolf:taziwolf 14 3 DoC | May Flowers by Chewtora DoC | May Flowers :iconchewtora:Chewtora 10 3 cri cri by TheEpicCake7 cri cri :icontheepiccake7:TheEpicCake7 9 1 [DoC Group Plot Phase 3] Get Up, Stand Up by prettypinkey2 [DoC Group Plot Phase 3] Get Up, Stand Up :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 10 3 and we danced by LittleJuine and we danced :iconlittlejuine:LittleJuine 14 1
[DoC RP] - Everything Was Wrong
Verse : Played by TechnoSchnauzer
Beanie: Played by Crisadence


Verse had blacked out, unsurprisingly. But when she regained consciousness, she found herself dragging Beanie, and her back leg, through the yards of her neighborhood. She sighed, she was tired, she was in pain. But Beanie had passed out, the dog was smaller and had gotten swallowed by the rats, so she was probably worse off.As she approached the house, she squinted at the door.
They installed a doggy door. No, they haven't yet. Verse sighed and circled around over to her window.
Truth is they had just that day, it was why Verse was in town in the first place. But still the window was, Verse always made sure it was open before she left the house. She squinted at the window then down at Beanie.
"Well...." Verse broke into quiet broken, painful, laug
:iconcrisadence:Crisadence 3 0
AYE CHECK THESE OUT! Go look at other peoples stuff, not mine, crazy




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'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps I love Giant Schnauzers by WishmasterAlchemist Motivation - Or not. by AssClownFish



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|DoC| Exploration


Does your dog have a desire to venture out into the world and do some discovery outside of the city? This is their chance! Unlike Scavenging, Exploration focuses on the wilderness and natural items you can acquire without doing any hunting. Some materials you may find may be bugs, bones, debris, gems, or discarded human materials.


Zeus was about to rip out his hair from anxiety and stress. He couldn't begin to explain how horrible his day had been. He woke up that morning to find that something had broken into his bus of a house and taken his watering can. The Great Dane couldn't water his plants if he didn't have a watering can so he then went on to look for one. He found one, but along the way, Zeus was scratched and torn like a rag doll.
After cleaning his wounds, Zeus decided the best thing to do was sneak off and walk in the woods for some peace. The tranquillity of the forest had always been a refuge for the cowardly Great Dane.
He was happy when he found some old bones to eat. A meal in the woods surrounded by the shade of trees and the songs of birds was just what the doctor, would've, ordered.


Salem sighed after losing West in the woods. He had just caught her wandering off, but he'd lost her when they came across thorns, his sister's thick pelt kept her safe, but his short fur made him find a way around.
The Shepherd Spaniel mix sniffed the air trying to find West's scent. All he could smell was the flowers he had been walking through. It was quite striking to see the flowers growing directly next to the thorns. He bent down to sniff one before plucking it, and it's neighboring plants and then continuing to look for West.
If he found her in a bad mood, maybe the flowers could cheer her up.


Verse was happy to play in her backyard. Verse was happy to have the sun on her back and enjoy the pretty sights in her backyard.
Verse wasn't happy she'd been locked in her backyard. Verse wasn't happy that Taylor had decided to go on a trip and left her alone with Val.
Verse was happy to be rid of Val, she'd left to go shopping for groceries, but Verse wasn't happy Val had decided to force her out of the house.
Still, she ought to try and forget about Val locking her out. The wiry dog sniffed at some flowers and froze as a butterfly landed on her nose. She smiled as the butterfly fluttered its wings brushing her muzzle.


my children need kibbles
And wanted to test water colors!
i also messed up on salem's markings big time cause i tried mixing colors and failed

Zeus: 31 CP (156 Words|Bust|Partial Background|Activity)
Salem: 24 CP (115 Words|Headshot|Partial Background|Activity)
Verse: 19 CP (123 Words|Bust|Activity)

ReferencesZeus, SalemVerse
Currency Logs: Zeus, SalemVerse
Salem |DoC|
Name: Salem
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Orientation: Asexual, Gray-Heteroromantic

Breed: Boykin Spaniel, Stabyhoun, English Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd Mix
Status: Unfixed
Height: 20"
Weight: 35 lb (Normally 44 lb)
Build: Salem's build is more like a Shepherd than a Spaniel, he has short fur and perked ears. His low weight makes his ribs visible. (This will hopefully change with time.)

Faction: Outrider
Job: N/A
Rank: Mite
Canidale Points: 5
Kibble Count: 10

        Siblings: West

Salem's time stuck in the house watching TV with the child in his old home has taught him many things.
He's able to tell the differences between poisonous snakes, berries, mushrooms, and ones that are okay to work with.
He's rather versed in human history as well and uses human mishaps to guide his own steps, why fall into the mistakes of the enemy?

Salem is very set in his ways, his opinion can't be swayed by anything other than solid reasoning.
But maybe... there's someone he holds close to his heart he'd do anything for. It's obvious this someone is his sister West.

Salem has a great lack of social skills as he spent most of his life with only Wisteria, and so he tends to give a little too much information and disturb those around him about details in his past.
Life has also fashioned Salem to find abuse common and talking about it is like talking about the weather.

Watching old crime documentaries also gave Salem a tendency to have rather morbid daydreams, which he will casually share with anyone who asks.

Back to Salem's lack of social skills. Being around his only his sister, a dog he was extremely close too, led him to give little care to kind words. He will happily tell a dog just what he thinks about them or something they plan to do.
Words don't rest in his mind very long before they're coming out of his mouth.

Salem is extremely prejudice, he doesn't like people, tiny dogs or domesticated animals and won't trust a word that comes out of them. He's extremely unwilling to listen to any positive words one might have for them and if given commands to work with one he would, but the other dog wouldn't enjoy the experience.

Salem's unkind life has left him with a pessimistic view on life and an anti-social persona.
While Salem does rather enjoy the accompany of others everything else about him is rather foreboding.
His pessimism is rather apparent whenever you ask his opinion on something other than his sister.

Pre-Group History: 
Salem was born into a failure of a litter, both his mom and his dad were unhealthy. Salem and his sister, Wisteria, where the only ones to survive in a litter of stillborn pups.
Even if both Salem and Wisteria were weak pups, they grew up quickly. As they grew Salem was put in a protective role, his sister had terrible Wanderlust leaving him to follow her and make sure she didn't get lost.

Salem's life was rather easy beside for his sister's quirks and disabilities... until his mother died. When his mother died, it became apparent that his father considered Salem and Wisteria more of a burden then family.
While Salem's father leaving didn't affect him directly, it did indirectly. His sister's depression worsened, and her wanderlust grew stronger. There were times when he had to wrestle his sister home for fear they were going to get lost.
Relief came when Salem and Wisteria's owners started keeping Wisteria inside more often, but it only made Wisteria worse.

One day, while Wisteria had been napping Salem, snuck outside to try and figure out the forest behind there house, if he could, he'd be able to let Wisteria wander further without worry.
While out he meet a wild dog named River.
Life started looking up. Salem introduced Wisteria to River, and vice-versa, and the three became great friends quickly.

But one-day Wisteria had wandered off away from River and Salem, by the time he had found her she was caked in mud. Their owners had always been worried whenever Wisteria and Salem left, and now Wisteria coming back cold and dirty was the last straw.
Salem and Wisteria were locked inside only going out to use the bathroom, and even then under the supervision of their owners.

Salem was fine with being locked inside, in fact, he rather enjoyed it. While he had to spend more time around the brat of a kid that lived with him he also got to watch TV with the kid. Most of the things Salem paid attention to where educational channels: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, etc.

But no matter how good Salem's life could've gotten his sister's got worse. Wisteria started to just not eat, and it worried Salem.
Finally, he got a plan after hearing about people escaping from Alcatraz on the History Channel. He'd run away with Wisteria to a better house that would actually take care of them.

The escape was a masterpiece he ran outside with Wisteria as the kid left for school and booked it, letting Wisteria lead the way. It was then when Wisteria changed her name to West.
But even if they had considered leaving their home behind as a bright new chapter in their lives the streets weren't kind.

Strangers in the city were cruel to Salem and even more so his sister. Kicking the dogs out of there way, not stopping for them as they crossed streets, during Fourth of July a group of kids threw firecrackers at them.
Finally, a couple of people picked them up. They took West and Salem to a barn and feed them, made them beds and played with them. It was rather aggressive play but play none the less!
It went on for a while, to the point where Salem actually built some muscle and West gained weight, but one day...

One day another group of people brought a dog of their own, an aggressive dog.
As they took out West meet the dog it finally clicked in Salem's head: They were training him and his sister to be fight dogs. And West was about to get hurt.

Salem can't remember that night, West tells him stories of her having to help him limp off after his adrenaline rush wore off. But all he really know's is that he now has a nasty limp.
From there Salem kept West out of the town making sure they both stayed in the woods or in fields.
The two quickly lost weight and muscle as, for a time, all they could find to eat were berries and the sparse bug.

But then they found River. They found her again, and she helped them, she gave them a home. Now Salem is in the Outriders, and he's safe, West is safe, they're both safe from humans.

Currency Log:
Salem's Currency Log


29 deviations
[DoC | BWP] April Showers Bring May Flowers
After a tumultuous few months in the city of Canidale for all canine life, there is finally some semblance of peace. The rains have brought new life, and with that new life is an abundance of flowers. Those in their respective factions are celebrating the turning tides by creating gifts for those they love in the form of flower crowns and other petal adornments. Take some time and give yourself a needed break, they said. How will your dog help their companions relax during their well-deserved break?

(Headshot 5CP|Shading/Detail 10CP|Full Background 20CP|Bi-Weekly Prompt 20KB, 15CP)
50CP + 20KB
So there's a member in :icondogs-of-canidale: That's in a bit of a rough spot and needs a new laptop. SO, I'm opening up Commissions to try and help out.

50 Cent Badges

So it's at this point I realize I need to stop deleting art I make for other people, cause now I don't have an example.
But Yeah, I'll do Badge(Medallions Trackers, whatever other names they might have) for 50 Cent!
0/5 Slots Taken

1$ Customs

I'll do custom designs for a dollar!
This I do have examples for:
[CLOSED]~November Pallet Adopt~[CLOSED] by TechnoSchnauzer Verse |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer Zeus |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer Mitego |Kijabi| by TechnoSchnauzer
I do Canines(Dogs wolves foxes hyenas ect) and felines!
0/3 Slots Taken

Other Commission Prices

Headshots The head, neck, and top of torso.

A sketch is 5 cents and it is the blanket price for any Headshot.
If you add color it's a blanket addition of 1-3 cents depending on how complex the character is. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every hour.
If you add shading it's a blanket addition of 5 cents. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every hour.
If you want it lined it's a blanket addition of 2-3 cents depending on how complex the character is. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every two hours.

Half Body The head, neck, and most of torso.

A sketch is 7 cents and it is the blanket price for any Half Body.
If you add color it's a blanket addition of 2-4 cents depending on how complex the character and how much of the body is showing. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every hour.
If you add shading it's a blanket addition of 5 cents. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every hour.
If you want it lined it's a blanket addition of 3-4 cents depending on how complex the character is. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every two hours.

Full Bodies The full body.

A sketch is 10 cents and it is the blanket price for any Full Body.
If you add color it's a blanket addition of 3-5 cents depending on how complex the character and how much of the body is showing. After the first hour, 2 cents will be added every hour.
If you add shading it's a blanket addition of 5 cents. After the first hour, 2 cents will be added every hour.
If you want it lined it's a blanket addition of 3-4 cents depending on how complex the character is. After the first hour, 1 cent will be added every hour.

[DoC | GPE/War Paint] Why can't there be Peace by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC | GPE/War Paint] I'm Sorry by TechnoSchnauzer Verse |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer Zeus |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
Example of shading in collaborations:
[DoC|GPE/Phase 3] Things that Go Bump in the Night by TechnoSchnauzer A True Antique [DoC Howliday Cmplx Prmpt] by TechnoSchnauzer [DoC | GPE] Its Dangerous to go Alone by TechnoSchnauzerI also colored the last two and made the backgrounds for all of them.

Note me to request a commission!


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