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Trick N Treats [DoC Collab] by TechnoSchnauzer Trick N Treats [DoC Collab] by TechnoSchnauzer
Verse barked at Taylor and he tossed a treat high into the air. Verse leapt from one side of the sidewalk landing onto a low having windowsill and bouncing backwards into the air grabbing the treat and landing into a trashcan. It was hard to tell if this was purposeful or not. Either way she wasn't hurt. She jumped back out and did a little bow and the children laughed and clapped more. Verse's tail had taken over her bottom half again her rump moving almost as fast.
Okay, so, it was a little impressive. The blur Jasper had spotted turned out to be this a terrier of some kind and for Dogs sake-! It was back flipping! What dog back flips? For treats no less? Sure they were good but just watching the active hound jump and bark and what else the thing was doing just made his legs shudder and his head to hurt. Belching at the sight, he made a face and backed away, nose still twitching at the smell of treats. He shook off and slinked around the crown into the next alley where he, luckily enough, found a spilled bag of slightly stale dog treats. not one to pass it up, he forgot about the magic dog and tucked in.
Woo! A fun collab with ssivo based of our RP!
ssivo Owns Jasper and Lined and Colored the doggos~
TechnoSchnauzer (Me) Owns Verse and did the (Pathetic) background and shaded doggos~

55CP(Full Body[15]/Shading[10]/Full Background[20]/Collab[10])
Kailoanna-Kat Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ooof, what good bois 
TechnoSchnauzer Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Very Good Bois
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